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Role of ESIC

The quality and quantity of benefits is as per norms and standards laid down by the corporation for the purpose.

The benefits are made available within the given time frame to insured persons and beneficiaries.

No harassment is caused to the beneficiaries across the counter at the grass root level by way of word or deed.

All requisite information, procedural guidance etc. is made available to the beneficiaries for claiming benefits.

All types of Forms etc. are made available to the beneficiaries free of costs as may be required by them for filing claims etc.

No beneficiary is exploited at any level in any way in the process of delivery of benefits.

Office hours as notified for ESIC/ESIS establishments are strictly adhered to by the staff and displayed prominently so as to avoid any inconvenience being caused to the beneficiaries in smooth flow of benefits.

Drugs, dressings, injections etc. as prescribed by the authorised doctors are made available timely.

A complaint box is fixed within the office premises for posting written complaints.